Welcome to the first blog post for Wheeler & Company CPAs PC!

The one thing that having over 30 years of experience in public accounting has taught us is that change happens, and we need to be ready for it.  Although CPAs have a very undeserved reputation for being somber, dry and even boring…well that is just not us. We are not your typical CPAs!

We embrace change and will do so in producing our Blog. Our posts will be informative and relative to the needs of our clients, the community and other like-minded individuals.  We hope that you will find the content to be informative and engaging while we address not only the income tax world that we all must deal with, but also how to better live and thrive in our community and in an ever-changing business environment.

The success of our Firm and ultimately our Blog is dependent on you.  We want and need to hear from you and welcome your participation.  Accordingly, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and feel free to Like and Share our Firm with your friends and associates.

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